Have You Checked On Your Fence Lately?

How does your fence look? Is it wobbly? Are there boards or panels that are missing?

What about those wooden posts? 

Are they rotting out and leaning over?

Is it fading and gray, with cracks and splits?

If your fence isn't made of wood, you still need to have it checked. Even vinyl and metal fencing can be in need of repairs if they've gone through a few years of Colorado's intense sun and relentless winds.

Fences are a crucial part of your property value, or, if you have a business, your fence could be protecting your building or inventory, so it's critical to maintain the one you have. 

Now Is The Time To Get Your Fence Ready For Winter OR Build A Brand New Fence!

Many of the residential fences in Colorado are made of wood. Wood is a great 

material to use for fences here. It's natural looking, blends in well with our Colorado landscaping, and increases the beauty of your property.

Your fence is probably needing some repair by now. Or, you may be interested in getting a brand new fence built. One that complements your home and adds to its beauty.

Perhaps you need a commercial fence solution. You might need to protect a schoolyard or church property. Maybe you need a baseball backstop!

Whether your needs are for a business or for your home, Timberline Fences is the company to call.

Anybody Can Build A Fence... Find Out Why You Should Call Timberline Fences TODAY!

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